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Cyndie Verity-Turtoro, is an artist, creative director and event producer.  A native New Yorker based in Phoenix Arizona. She is Award-winning, Obsessively-driven, and Diversely experienced. Full of energy and passion. But never full of herself. Cyndie is the talent behind Cyndie Verity LLC. 


Known for her elegant approach and unequally stylish designs. Cyndie has developed a reputation for delivering smart, clean visual solutions for her clients, as well as personal and reliable service they can count on.


Cyndie is an artistic director at heart, more reason to differentiate her and her attention to comprehensive details.  She is most often addressed, regarding her work as “amazing”.  Her ability to strategically place a cohesive thread of individuality and impeccable style through each aspect of a campaign or event, without ever compromising on the design, at an accelerated rate of speed, is continuously referred to as a mastermind of creative genius.

Behind the Artist

What We Do

We are an award-winning team in both Event & Fashion Design.  Unique and Couture design is our passion.  We are not a rental house, we don’t store and re-use décor or props. We create an overall cohesive design, including table centerpieces, stage design and props, with the essence of YOU, your Brand or theme.  Our goal is to create an experience rather than simply decorate a space. 

We're an Event Planners best friend.  Our passion is creative, We offer unique creative support.  Couture artist hands for Ala-cart quality work to complete and overall event design and Production.  We sew, paint, build, design, imagine, pitch, hand-craft, create.  We do the things that can't be manufactured. 

Award Winning -State Certified Master Florist

Multi Award Winning – Best Event Décor

Multi Award Winning – Fashion Designer

LIVE Couture Décor 

At Brand Verity we take conceptualizing to the next level by bringing it to life, Literally.  "Live Couture Décor" is uniquely Styled, Avant guard, Fashionable Models who carry the essence of your event, theme or brand.  As LIVE decor  these creative beauties add energy and entertainment to your event.  Essentially this is your innovative answer to stale, old, STATIONARY decor.  Why not Let it walk, Breath, Pose, and entertain or educate your guest. 

Guest have immediate human interaction upon arrival and feel welcomed.  The models bring energy which naturally invites interaction and participation. Guest ALL carry phones, and they Do come out.  This engages your guest in an activity instinctively and authentically. And that generates REAL FUN.  If desirable, it will automatically increases your social media reach and presence without effort.

Style is NEVER a matter of budget, it's a matter of the choices we make in using it.